At Kimco N.V. large quantities of water are used during the washing and packing process. To reduce water usage, most of the used water is collected and purified. In the purification process, the used water is submitted to a physical and aerobic biological purification. After collecting the purified water in containers, the water is reused in the first wash.  
In this manner Kimco N.V. has realised a significant reduction in water usage during the last few years.


verwerking van afvalPROCESSING OF WASTE

Organic waste is reused as fertilizer. Carrots that don’t meet our quality standard are sorted during the production process, and are used as fodder.
Other waste (paper, plastic, wood, etc) is strictly sorted and transported to be recycled.


zonne-energieSOLAR ENERGY

A couple of years ago, the buildings in Dendermonde were equipped with solar panels. A large part of the roof surface has been covered with solar panels to minimize the need for external energy and to increase as much as possible usage of renewable energy.
When the production of renewable energy exceeds our demands the surplus is transferred to the public energy net.


To limit the impact of our growers on the environment we ask all growers to meet GlobalGap standards. This gives us a first indication that our cultivators work according to the best agricultural practices and that they try to minimize their impact on the environment.